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11 July 2013

Building a Survival Kit

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Survival kits come in many shapes and sizes. In a perfect world, we would all have specialized kits stowed strategically for our home, vehicles, and packs.

Keep in mind; survival kits are as unique and diverse as we are. When you start to build yours, be sure to personalize and tailor it to your unique needs and lifestyle, such as:

Fire-Proof Container


First Aid

Flash Light

Signaling Device(s)

Parachute Cord

Space Blanket

Water Purification Tablets


Toilet Paper

Hand Sanitizer

Regardless of the contents in your kit, they are useless unless you are comfortable using them. Buy good quality products from and practice using them with your family before you have an emergency. Keep medications and perishable products fresh, and inventory the contents at least twice a year.

Most of the time when you are in an emergency situation you have no link to the outside world. You don’t know if it’s just your immediate area that’s been hit, cell phones don’t work and you can’t get any directions from civil authorities. You won’t know where to go for help unless you have some contact with the outside world. If the power goes out and you need to evacuate, will you even know what to do or where to go without outside communication? It’s hard to believe but even today the most reliable form of communication is a radio!

Radios have been the main source of information in times of crisis because the radio waves are consistent and do not require the kind of power that other communication sources do. Emergency radios can provide you with the information you need to make the best choices for yourself and your family. In many cases, a radio may also be your only source of entertainment. During stressful times, music and radio talk shows can provide a outlet for your family that will help relieve stress and keep your mind off of the situation at hand.

You need to have as part of your emergency preparedness kits a hand crank/solar powered radio. These radios generate their own electricity by simply using a crank or the energy from the sun to power them. People have often learned the hard way that sometimes you just don’t always have fresh batteries for your radio. When it’s your only link to the outside world, these batteries are going to burn out quickly. Having a radio that you do not have to worry about supplying with power can save your life.

Many of these radios can have regular alkaline batteries and electrical AC/DC adapters to augment them as a power source and for charging the built-in (NiMH) rechargeable battery pack. Likewise they will have alternative lighting options built- in such as flashlights. AM/FM radios are fairly standard, but a more complete package will also include shortwave and NOAA capability.

Shortwave radio is a method of enabling world-wide transmission and reception of information. A shortwave radio can receive radio transmission on frequencies between 3 and 30 MHz. It is part of the area on your dial between the AM and FM bands. The main characteristic of these frequencies is their ability to travel long distances as they are reflected back to Earth from the ionosphere. This allows communication around the curve of the Earth making possible world-wide communications. You can hear news and other programs from a wide range of sources, and get emergency information by listening to amateur radio broadcasts from ham operators around the world. Many countries broadcast to the world in English, making it easier to find out what a given country’s position is on things that it finds important.

11 July 2013

Who Needs An Emergency Survival Kit, You Do!

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While you really need to create your own personalized survival kit, it is a lot easier to purchase one that’s already basically put together to begin with and then may be added on to. The components of a survival kit will be different depending on the intended use. This could consist of kits which are designed for different situations from home emergency kits, those to be kept in the car, kits which are designed to be in outdoor situations, and even ones that are designed with the specific time of year in mind. For a person who is thinking about purchasing a survival kit, there are several important points to keep in mind, in order that the correct kit is available for the circumstances.

A survival emergency kit is just that, a kit designed to help you survive during an unexpected emergency. It should just concentrate on meeting the basic requirements you’ll have, regardless of the situation. There are hundreds of lists of “this is what to put in your survival kit” online. We recommend you start by looking over some of the different prepackaged survival kits for sale. They have already done the research for you and put together the required items for your basic and more deluxe kits.

Every basic survival kit for sale will cover the essentials of survival, which are water, warmth and shelter. These kits are well thought-out to include the essential items that you and your family can use during and immediately after an emergency which will support you until help arrives. First-aid, prescription medicines and personal hygiene supplies are important to have with your kit. A fixed blade knife or multipurpose tool, radio, flashlight are also crucial. More complete kits will include food, cooking and water purification supplies, fire starters, rescue related equipment, and hunting/fishing gear. In choosing and building a kit, you should keep in mind who will be using it and for how long they may need it. It’s a good idea to have a kit that can handle more people than will likely use it so there is no risk of running out of something before you can get help. A final fundamental consideration is weight and size, since a kit that cannot be carried or stored is pretty much useless.

When purchasing a survival kit for sale, it is important to have a complete understanding of the components in the kit and knowing how to use them all. It is good to have water purification tablets, but it is also important to understand how they work. How do you use a compass, magnesium flint or even a P-38 can opener? What can you do with paracord? Kits can often include mylar blankets that can be used for warmth and shelter, but these may also serve the purpose of signaling for help, since they are reflective on one side. If you don’t really know how to use the equipment you have in your kit, little can be done to help you survive.


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